We help you unleash the power of generative AI

Alpha is a product design agency that unlocks generative AI

Our Services

What we offer

Our team of designers and builders can bring any generative AI product to life

Interface Design

Our design team will create a beautiful user-centric interface that unlocks incredible AI functionality seamlessly.

Model Selection

We’ll identify the best models for your needs, making informed decisions on whether to use existing general models or to develop one.

Prompt Engineering

We’re experts in prompt design and engineering and will craft prompts that generate whatever the desired outputs are.

Fine Tuning

We train and tune models so they can be adapted to a new domain or custom use-cases, unlocking incredible product features.

Configuring API Usage

We navigate the intricacies of working with AI models, ensuring that frequent changes with models don’t disrupt your products.

Data Protection

We ensure that personal and sensitive information is handled securely and that privacy rights are fully respected.

Our Process

How we do it

Our 3 step process is designed not only to build AI products but to improve them over time


We'll help you understand what's possible with generative AI



We’ll build generative AI products that will blow your mind



We'll continually optimize to ensure results get better with time


Our Work

Proof of Work

We have worked with some of the biggest startups, companies and creators as part of Tiny Capital.

About Us

The AI era begins

Every era is marked by a paradigm shift in technology. The internet era in the late 90s, the smartphone era in the 2000's. And now, we enter the AI era. The opportunities for companies willing to embrace change are phenomenal. The risks for those who don’t are just as significant. Alpha exists to serve those who want to unlock the future.

Ready to embrace AI?

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